The need to measure water flow has never been as great as it is today. As the world becomes smaller and more industrialized water can no longer be taken for granted as there is no apparent vision or outlook to use another media to transport our wastes and to cool our industrial processes. Water must be preserved. It cannot be wasted or used indiscriminately but every litre must be accounted for as though it was a commodity or a product.

    MONITARIO has been dedicated in assisting industry in Environmental Stewardship for over 18 years. It is this dedication and specialization in Hydrometry which has created a calm in industry and municipalities when finding it necessary to measure flow rates exiting their facilities and entering either directly into the natural receiving body or indirectly into a municipal collection system. MONITARIO is there to give the best cost effective solution to metering all their effluent.

    Hundreds of installations have been completed to the satisfaction of not only the client but also the regulatory agency and third party demanding volumes are reported accurately.

MONITARIO looks at each site specifically weighing all conditions...

    All installations are calibrated to the National Institute of Standards and Technology for the Secondary Devices while the Primary Devices and overall installations are certified by a Professional Engineer registered in the Province of Ontario.