2 inch Parshall flume benched, and can measure +/-3% accuracy.

2 inch Parshall Flume design +/- 3% accuracy of flow, installed to conform, and pass solids.

3 inch Parshall flume benched into manhole.

Critical depth sectional flumes are quick to install, and very accurate.

Flumes are spect and built with solids passage, and accuracy fully considered.

Flumes are designed, and installed for solids handling.

8 inch Trapazoidal flume, measuring pie filling effluent.


Monitario Technical Services Inc. has configured this flow meter to measure flowrates through a trapazoidal flume. Installations dry or "on the fly", volumes both big and small, serving Industry and Municipalities throughout Ontario. Accuracy Guaranteed, Calibrations and installations Professionally certified, and fully documented.

Hydro has been replaced... This Milltronics OCM-III has been installed and configured to operate as a permanent flow meter to ensure continuous operations at the greatest degree of accuracy attainable. Solar Powered installations keep costs under control. Thanks to Milltronics' sophistocated Ultra-sonic measurement system along with their latest micro-computer technology an OCM-III remote flow meter will operate at only 350 milliwatts.

Solar powered permanent flow meter, trapazoidal wier.


42 inch Leopold Lagro designed to fit elliptical sewer.

54 inch Leopold Lagro set, and fastened into an end of pipe.

Permanent installations consider all weather extremes.



Port Dalhousie 60 inch, Leopold Lagro critical depth flume.


35 inch Parshall flume designed to replace sharp edge weir, for more accuracy.

Stainless-steel Parshall flumes, are made to exact tolerences.


Energy dissipation design for proper operation of Parshall flume.


Metering, and fish migration all in one.


The Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth required the 72 inch trunk sewer along South Service Road, to have installed real time monitoring...no hydro was available... solar power, with battery power during off hours, was used. MONITARIO designed special circuitry to charge the battery, excite the level transmitter, regulate power, and transmit through the phone lines a signal to the operating SCADA.


Innovative retrofits can gaurantee accuracy for permanent, and temporary installations.


Trapazoidal ditch/creek weir.


Huntsville WWTP triangular profile weir.